Domus Mobili

Quality tradition since 1975.

The company


Domus Mobili is a brand that produces and distributes classic and modern style furniture and furnishing accessories. Commercial and logistical partnerships with specialized shops and important distribution chains allow the business to have a global presence.


Domus Mobili wants to enhance Italian craftsmanship and promote Made in Italy around the world.


Wide range of finishes and customizations, international logistics and customer care service, Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Since 1975

Domus Mobili produces and distributes furniture and furnishings intended for the Italian and international market, combining quality manufacturing, style and affordable prices. Sophistication in detail, respect for tradition and love for craftsmanship allow us to create furnishings and furniture in a wide range of finishes and styles. A constant commitment to research and innovation allows us to remain aligned with tastes and trends without forgetting the tradition that has shaped our company.

Our history

1975 - Foundation

Loris Mattioli founded the company in a small provincial garage.

1979 - The headquarters

Opening of the historic headquarters in Roverchiara, expansion of the Italian market and entry into the European market.

1990 - Expansion

Purchase of new industrial warehouses in Oppeano and opening of modernized painting plants with robotic production.

1995 - Overseas

Opening to the non-European market (in particular China and North America) and participation in trade fairs, meetings and events.

2000 - Development

Organic expansion and important investments in the development of internal resources.

2010 - Markets

Consolidation in international markets.

2015 - Sustainability

Commitment to sustainability with an important use of water-based paint.

2022 - Update

Insertion of new robotic lines for painting.

Years of experience

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Since 2022

We have introduced an advanced robotic solution into our furniture polishing process.
This innovative solution allows us to improve the quality and efficiency of our work, while ensuring that the craftsmanship of our experts remains an essential element in creating the polished furniture you all know and love.
Combining technological precision with the art of craftsmanship, we continue to offer superior quality products, maintaining our dedication to craftsmanship. This innovative technology integration represents our ongoing commitment to pursuing operational excellence and meeting the growing needs of the industry.